Boston Garage

Altimex is a top provider of electronics design and manufacturing solutions, specialising in the creation of intricate modular parts for the MOT test apparatus. The business is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to create high-quality products that satisfy its clients’ rigorous expectations.

Altimex and Boston Garage Equipment Ltd. have a good working relationship, and Altimex provides a wide selection of modular components that are tailored to their unique requirements. Altimex is able to create electronic systems that are both dependable and cutting-edge by utilising cutting-edge Surface Mount Assembly technology and thorough product testing. Altimex is in a good position to assist Boston Garage Equipment Ltd in the development of portable systems because of its expertise in the complete range of MOT test equipment, from brake testing to engine and emissions monitoring.

Altimex, which provides cutting-edge and dependable solutions for the MOT testing sector, is a crucial partner for Boston Garage Equipment Ltd. Altimex is in a good position to assist businesses like Boston Garage Equipment Ltd in the design and manufacture of complicated modular components because of its dedication to quality and attention to detail. Altimex’s technical proficiency and commitment to excellence make them a trusted partner for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of electronics design and manufacturing.


“Working with Altimex has proven successful since the beginning. Their technical know-how and attention to detail really make a difference. It is nice to be working with another UK manufacturer.”