Altimex is a well-known electronics design and manufacturing company with a solid history of providing its clients with high-quality goods and services. Scalemaster, a business that specialises in the creation of cutting-edge egg-washing systems, is one such client.

Since the launch of Scalemaster’s Rotomaid Egg Washer device, Altimex has been a close associate. The business has offered a wide range of support services, including full production and product design and development. Altimex has been able to provide a comprehensive product assembly solution that satisfies the rigorous criteria of Scalemaster by utilising cutting-edge electronic assembly technics. Additionally, Altimex keeps supporting the product as it develops to guarantee that Scalemaster’s clients get a stable and efficient solution.

Altimex is actively developing new products for Scalemaster in addition to its work on the Rotomaid Egg Washer. Altimex is assisting Scalemaster in expanding its product offerings and meeting changing client demands by utilising its broad range of experience and in-depth technical knowledge.

Altimex and Scalemaster’s collaboration demonstrates the company’s capacity to offer its clients top-notch assistance and services. Altimex is a great partner for businesses like Scalemaster that are striving to innovate and expand thanks to its dedication to excellence, state-of-the-art production capabilities, and cutting-edge technology.