TWM Traffic Control Systems

With a focus on producing high-quality electronics for traffic warnings and information signs, Altimex is a top provider of electronics design and manufacturing solutions. To provide its customers with cutting-edge and dependable products, the company makes use of the most recent developments in LED technology.

With the goal of providing TWM Traffic Control Systems Ltd. with a variety of product solutions that are tailored to their particular requirements, Altimex has developed a strong working partnership. Altimex is in a good position to assist TWM Traffic Control Systems Ltd. in staying ahead of the curve in the quickly developing field of traffic control technology, offering everything from straightforward flashing controllers to safety-critical equipment that complies with IEC61508 requirements.

Altimex has received constant accolades from TWM Traffic Control Systems Ltd for their dependability, honesty, and dedication to providing the highest standards of quality and service. Altimex does business in an open and sincere manner, and they are always prepared to go above and beyond to ensure their clients are happy. Altimex is a valued partner for TWM Traffic Control Systems Ltd. and businesses like them looking for cutting-edge solutions for traffic warning and information signs because of their approachable and helpful nature.


“Altimex has always proven to be a reliable supplier who operates in an open and honest fashion. Their quality and service is of the highest standard and they are always helpful and friendly”