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Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Altimex is experienced in all aspects of electronic design, and our team of design engineers have been providing a successful electronic design service since 1995.

Using the very latest software and state-of-the-art test equipment, we are repeatedly able to fulfil the client’s requirements to the letter of the brief. Here at Altimex we pride ourselves with the capability to provide unique solutions to a client’s wide range of electronic problems, we are highly regarded and often used as a collaborative extension of the client’s own in-house team.

Our team are able to take your concept ideas and design the electronic control system to meet your requirements from the ground up. We will produce a prototype for our before we carry out the full-scale production, all within our Cheshire-based manufacturing unit. 

We are able to offer our clients a full range of services from single, hand-mounted PCB assemblies through to multi-layer boards using pick and place equipment, with flow soldering for high volumes. We pride ourselves in offering “smart” solutions using advanced manufacturing technologies wherever appropriate.

We consistently strive to work as closely as possible with our customers and to offer all the benefits of the latest technology combined with fast and friendly service. All our work is carried out in a confidential manner, working to our own internal strict quality management system. We work to all required external standards, including SIL where necessary.

Design Solutions

Our electronic design solutions include:

  • Motor Control
  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • RF
  • Power Circuitry
  • Firmware
  • Software
  • Telecommunications And Radio Frequency
  • Re-engineering Obsolescent Designs
  • CE Marking and EMC EMI Safety Testing.

We also have extensive experience of all types of embedded systems using micro-controller designs. e.g. hydraulic systems, monitoring and control systems, RFID applications and many more.

Our designs incorporate PIC controllers, micro-controllers, microprocessors, digital embedded controls, Ethernet, USB, wireless, Bluetooth, Zigbee, serial communications, battery capability, mains capability, and signal processing with 8 bit, 16 bit, or 32 bit.

Range Of Products
  • We manufacture a range of  products including, LED lighting systems from a single LED up-light to sophisticated linear systems
  • High-frequency lighting panels assembled and tested in-house to a client’s own strict requirements.
  • Traffic management wigwags where Altimex design and manufacture, not just the LED boards but the control systems and assemblies which are then are ready for installation.
  • Handheld controls, designed for use with mobility equipment.
  • Control boards for egg washing machines.
  • Garage test and measurement equipment for use by professionals.

Fibre Optics.

We are proud to work in collaboration with our manufacturing partners which encourages and fosters market-led product development. 

With over 20 yeard experience and working in the high end of the market, we are proud to offer 

our customers the latest fibre optic solutions we ensure to receive the optimum response to their needs in the shortest time available.

Project Management

By working closely with equipment manufacturers we are able to keep our clients in touch and up to date with the latest technology to ensure their projects utilise the best options available. Where helpful we can organise presentations of new products to the project management teams.

Singlemode/Multimode Fibre

To ensure the correct type of communication capability is delivered for each unique set of circumstances, Altimex is regularly involved in the provision of both Singlemode and multimode connectivity.  We take into consideration governing criteria such as cost, the need for high-precision scientific work or the requirement for a large number of backbone applications to determine which product is appropriate.

Complete Assemblies

Here at Altimex, we are able to offer complete fibre optic assemblies from the incoming cables to the joint enclosures,  and outgoing patch cords. We can provide multifibre MTP backbone cables and plug and play cassettes and modules to the most stringent quality standards.

We can provide our clients with splitters or attenuation which can be manufactured to suit their individual requirements.

Complete fibre cable assemblies can be supplied as multicore fan-out cables can also be manufactured to suit requirements and take into consideration factors such as of fibre type and count, fan out specification and lengths.

Altimex has excellent relationships relationship with its main suppliers. In the case of fibre, this translates into an extremely wide range of product availability both single mode and multimode.  A selection of the products we typically supply to our clients on a regular basis include:

  • Ultra high density (UHD) fibre optic panels and management systems
  • MTP panels and cables
  • Multifibre pre-terminated fibre cables
  • Fixed and sliding patch panels
  • Full range of Simplex, duplex and flat ribbon patch cords and pigtails
  • Tight buffered, single loose tube and multi loose tube distribution cables for internal and external applications
  • Many variations of armoured, aerial, rodent resistant and water blocked cables.
  • Fibre test and measurement equipment
  • Optic al splitters and attenuators
  • Data cables

“As a Manager trying to deliver solutions in a fast-paced, ever-changing Industry, I need to have the confidence that my suppliers can deliver.

Altimex has always delivered and continually go above and beyond to satisfy my demand for more solutions. Primarily dealing with the fibre side of Altimex I have always found the team to be professional, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I have the utmost confidence that whatever I request is always met with a high level of professionalism and a surety that a solution will be provided”


Keith Vicary, Field Engineering Manager
TalkTalk Technology, Irlam


We have the capability to assemble a wide variety of components onto PCB substrates. Our equipment is highly flexible and can place devices from 0201 chip components through to 74mm2 BGAs.

Most combinations of surface mount (SMT) and through-hole (PTH) components can be accommodated.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Lending itself to the production of far higher circuit densities and increased automation, SMT assembly is naturally one of the commonest technologies employed by Altimex in its manufacturing process. By reducing the size and weight of the manufactured unit, cutting down labour costs and increasing the speed of production, SMT enables Altimex to continue its pursuit of finding cost-effective solutions on behalf of its clients.

Plated Through the Hole (PTH)

In addition to its SMT capability, Altimex is also fully experienced in the provision of “through-hole” solutions where that particular technology is more appropriate for the circuitry construction in question.


“We value Altimex for the quality they bring to the electronic products”

Dr Carl Jasper,
Director. Scale master

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