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An interesting development with a robot being able to regulate their temperature through sweating! https://t.co/65nywkkUM6 #Technology #Innovative #Electronics #Robots

More proof that robots and automation are becoming part of our everyday lives as more farmers are using drones to monitor their crops. https://t.co/eSylldu8Xp #Drone #Farming #Tech #Innovation

High-density, low loss, future-proof. #AFLHyperscale MPO reduced diameter assemblies help you maximize space in your #datacenter whilst reducing installation time and guaranteeing a high-performance, high-speed network: https://t.co/470pzaUGsm https://t.co/9whK41y6bx ALTIMEX photo

This latest news could mean the RFID chip could be produced at a lower cost making it more accessible for all https://t.co/EeY8Ws5DKD #electronics #news

Looking for help with your electronic project? We can help! Call to speak to our friendly team today and discuss how we can help you. https://t.co/qc74F14Sv1
#electronics #Innovation #OriginalThinking #IoT https://t.co/E2QZM3Y5FP

Made up of three core product sets; Assemblies, Building Blocks and Chassis, the #AFLHyperscale Ultra-High Density Solution enables you to scale your network with fast, easy, plug and play installation. Find out more about the #UHD Solution here: https://t.co/kmBvLZN3XB https://t.co/bjYm6HeIU0 ALTIMEX photo

Welcome To Altimex

We are an award winning UK-based electronics and passive fibre optics solutions company established in 1995. We offer fully automated production underpinned by truly original thinking. Using advanced technology, we deliver quality solutions in both electronic manufacturing and fibre optics. Our innovation, technical excellence and quality, is at the core of everything we design, manufacture and deliver.

What We Do

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Altimex have always proven to be a reliable supplier who operate in an open and honest fashion. Their quality and service is of the highest standard and they are always helpful and friendly.


Altimex go above and beyond to satisfy my demand for more solutions. I've the utmost confidence that whatever I request is always met with a high level of professionalism and a surety solution will be provided.

Boston Garage Equipment

Working with Altimex has proven successful since the beginning. Their technical know-how and attention to detail really make a difference. It is nice to be working with another UK manufacturer.

Scobie McIntosh

Scobie McIntosh are proud to have worked with Altimex on various projects over the last few years. They are a well organised and professional company with a wealth of knowledge and experience within their field.