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Did you know that we make more than just robots? Our expertise includes, #motorcontrol, #analogue, #digital, #RF and many more! ALTIMEX photo

We aim to create cutting-edge solutions in everything we do, so no matter the size of the project we will find a solution.. #design #robotics ALTIMEX photo

With over 20 years of experience, we have learned to develop and adapt to keep up to date with any new technology. #IoT #Engineering ALTIMEX photo

We are proud when we receive great feedback from our customers, take a look at what TWN said about working with us. #Manufacturing #ukmfg ALTIMEX photo

We’re closed today, but we’ll be back in tomorrow! #teambuilding ALTIMEX photo

We specialise in electronic manufacturing and fibre optics whether that’s a small or large rollout project. #Engineering #IoT ALTIMEX photo