5 Ways Fibre Optic Cables Can Benefit Your Business

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5 Ways Fibre Optic Cables Can Benefit Your Business

5 Ways Fibre Optic Cables Can Benefit Your Business 1024 684 Davinder Lotay

Most of us have experienced faster internet speeds within our homes due to fibre optic internet. So it’s easy to imagine that fibre optic cables can benefit businesses during this digital age. 

But how? Find out how fibre cable can benefit your business by reading this blog.

1) Increased Bandwidth and Faster Data Transfer Speeds

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Fibre optic cable improves connectivity and performance, crucial elements for any business where data is stored, received and sent.

Fibre optic cable transmission speeds can reach 10Gbps (10 billion bits per second).

Optical fibre cables can support these faster data speeds because they have greater bandwidth than traditional copper cables.

Additionally, they allow large amounts of data to be transmitted over longer distances without congesting the network. 

Being able to send and receive information quickly will increase your employees’ productivity and improve the efficiency of your business.

There are even more ways to speed up productivity by using fibre optic cables.

For example, if you wish to connect two electronic devices to “patch” a signal from one to the other, a fibre patch cord will enable this. They are often used to transfer signals from televisions and radios in the home.

For businesses, fibre patch cords are useful for connecting computers, particularly if computer workstations are far apart.

Fibre to the desk, known as FTTD, is when fibre optic cables connect to computer workstations.

2) Enhanced Network Security and Reliability

using fibre cables for network security

If you have fibre optic cables in an office, your network will be more reliable, improving security.

Traditional copper cables are susceptible to electromagnetic interference, causing slower speeds and frequent outages. 

Fibre optic cables are immune to electromagnetic interference because they transmit data using light.

Furthermore, weather can impact on copper cables, disrupting services, but, once again, optical fibre cables won’t be affected because they are waterproof and heatproof.

The durability of fibre optic cables means that your business won’t have to stop unnecessarily and hinder productivity within the office, making them a reliable and safe choice.

Fibre optic cables will benefit working environments where high-security levels are required, like banks. This is because fibre optic does not radiate electromagnetic energy (EMI), making them immune from electronic eavesdroppers, i.e. hackers trying to steal data.

Optical fibre cables are also immune to EMI caused by other equipment, such as fluorescent lights. 

With fewer compatibility issues than copper cables, it is unlikely there’ll be any disruptions, even in electronically noisy working environments.

3) Improved Video and Audio Quality

using fibre cables for video conferencing

Business fibre optic cables are essential when video conferencing, webinars, and other multimedia applications are a part of the day-to-day jobs of your employees.

By installing a fibre optic cable, you will experience higher-quality videos and clearer audio transmissions than traditional network solutions.  

Fibre optic cables enable symmetrical upload and download speeds, so you spend less time waiting for a video to load.

Furthermore, during video conferences, the likelihood of you experiencing lagging is low. Even for calls made over long distances, fibre optic cables perform effectively. 

With less time wasted, you and your employees can spend your energy elsewhere, increasing productivity hours.

4) Reduced Maintenance and Replacement Costs

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Do you want to reduce business costs? Then consider having fibre optic cables installed within your workplace.

The initial installation cost of fibre optic cables will be higher than that of copper cables; however, their advantages outweigh the expense.

Optical fibre cables have greater bandwidth than copper cables, so fewer data is transferred at a quicker speed, saving time and money.

Additionally, fibre optics have a long lifespan. Their glass strands are wrapped in protective cladding and then bundled together within a protective casing, helping them to withstand various conditions.

As mentioned, they are waterproof and heatproof, making them highly weatherproof. So, once a fibre optic is installed, you should expect it to last for years, with very little maintenance required.

5) Increased Scalability and Future-Proofing

fibre cables in a data centre

Fibre optic cables are built for the future. With their reliability, durability, efficiency, and security, they are well-equipped for changes in technological advancement.

Even when your internet bandwidth gets more extensive and your devices adapt to faster connections, your fibre optic cables will still be just as suitable for the job; unlike copper cables, they will not need replacing.

For example, fibre optic cables can handle 10 or even 100-gigabit speeds, so they can easily accommodate more. Simply put, they can keep up with increasing network demands.

So, by choosing to install fibre optic cables, the future growth of your business is supported. Furthermore, you’ll be well-prepared for new technology advancements.

You should now understand the benefits of fibre optic cables, particularly for businesses where large amounts of data are transmitted, and high security is crucial.

If you require fibre optic cables for an office, contact Altimex today; we’d be happy to help you increase your business’s reliability and performance.