Scobie McIntosh

Altimex is a top supplier of electronics design and manufacturing solutions with a focus on creating high-quality control systems for various industrial applications. The business is dedicated to offering cutting-edge solutions to assist its clients in achieving the precision and consistency necessary for mass production.

Altimex and Scobie McIntosh Ltd. collaborated together to develop a variety of specialised control systems for various industrial applications. These controllers are made to keep an eye on important variables like product volume, flow rate, and location, making sure the end user can attain the consistency and accuracy needed for mass production.

Altimex has received constant appreciation from Scobie McIntosh Ltd for their professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to providing high-quality solutions. Scobie McIntosh Ltd. and other businesses looking for cutting-edge and dependable control systems have found Altimex to be a helpful partner because they are a well-organized business with a wealth of expertise and experience in their area.

Altimex is a dependable partner for businesses in need of customised electronic control systems, providing cutting-edge solutions to assist its customers in achieving the accuracy and consistency necessary for mass production. With a dedication to excellence and a wealth of knowledge, Altimex is in a good position to support organisations like Scobie McIntosh Ltd in achieving their objectives and dominating their respective markets. Altimex is your go-to partner for dependable and high-quality electronic control system solutions, whether you require industrial controllers to track product volume, flow rate, or position.


“Scobie McIntosh are proud to have worked with Altimex on various projects over the last few years. They are a well organised and professional company with a wealth of knowledge and experience within their field.”